Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The One-Week-Straight of taping in Barangay Saniag, Ampatuan Cotabato with my team micromedia production became a very fruitfull and wonderful experience for us last Oct30-Nov.05, 2007. With all the support of the people behind us, you know already who you are. The people who helped us in making the project possible. To our good friend Teng Mangansakan II, who gave us the opportunity to accomplish another challenge in Film, to the mayor of the municapal of Ampatuan who provided the catering food services during the whole week event. For the LGSPA mentors who gave us the allowances and accomodation as well as the transportation (adventure van davao-cotabato vise versa, saniag-cotabato daily vise versa) with accomodating and helpful driver kuya manny.

To my office line managers and co-staff, thanks for the untiring understanding and support. To the sponsors, not to mention the CANON DAVAO account executive officer who helped us endorsed our letter to the head office for the financial support. TO the minor sponsors, friends whom we took courage and hope. It really helps a lot.

To the people of barangay Saniag, barangay officials and specially the actors and actresses who played their role for the film. You did the great jobÜ Congratulations!

To the unwavering love and untiring support from our parents. thank you very much. And to my teammates, kuya mac, sheng, shang, coi, sheng, ayyi and mona. Thanks for your deternination and perseverance! Soar high guys!

And most especially to the one who gave us the talents and skills that wouldn't be possible without them.

My gratitude and appreciation from the bottom my heart!!!

Here are some photos captured behind the scene during the shoot!

Taking a look for a shot!!! weeeeeeehhh

The OKIDO Team with the ABS-CBN Headwriter Traydura!!! weeeehhh

Tired of shooting under the sun!

accomodating the actresses

Do I look retard? hmmmp [-(

Behind the scene... I'm the cameraperson at the moment!

Ohhh! thirsty!! Ohhh! thirsty!! Ohhh! thirsty!!

river scene that took us whole morning just to capture the crossing river scene.. what duh!

bReak for a while!

Just woke up! can't you see??

The Actors and the Team with the people of Brgy. Saniag, Ampatuan Cotabato.