Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The moment that made it all worth it!

The Kontra-Agos Film Festival screening last December 05-11, 2007 is one of my best experience. I was able to have a long vacation with my officemate and long-time friend McRobert or coicoi. Staying away from my family and friends in Davao . Though its just about one month of staying there just for a certain event that grants us another opportunity which is the Mexican workshop with Gustavo Loza, the International Award Winning Director. The vacation that opens extensive opportunities for us.

I packed up my bags with all the stuff inside that seemed i'm not coming back anymore...
I brought everything, underwears, toothbrush, shorts, slipper, shoes, sacks, polos and t-shirts more than 20, plus my pants. My bag seemed that i'm going to a mountain climbing, hehehe. My brother asked me if im not coming back soon and i said we'll just stay there only for 3days. LOL! funny huh? He said, with all those stuff? only for 3 days? OMG! i replied, its better prepared than sorry.Ü

International Airport

Me and coi departed on Dec.06 , Thursday at 0130 and arrived at 0315 with all the Enthusiasm and excitement to meet new friends and long time friends who are already there... excited for the said event. Coi's uncle and mom fetched us in International Airport and gave us thousands of instructions for our few days stay. A lot of things to learn, a lot of things to adjust, a lot of things to consider. They brought us in our hotel just in front of Giant Colliseum and the GateWay SuperMall. Checked-in, took shower and changed cloths. Headed to the screening event. Dropped us there infront of the building, rushed up to the upper level and look for the others.

Pointing ayala from 29th/Floor enterprise building

The event has started atlast, with the speeches and addresses from different special guests, watched different films from each independent filmmakers, from different categories and locations. Met the filmmakers from different part of the country, from northern to Southern part and started the acquaintance.

After the event, eight (8) of the filmmakers including me went to a place for some drinks and relax, exchange of thoughts and ideas, experiences and plans for the next steps in filmmaking... Then back to the hotel for rest and prepare for another schedule of the screening.

An information came from one of the filmmakers, that there will be a MEXICAN FILM WORKSHOP on Dec.18-21 of 2007. And guess what? There are special slots for all filmmakers
coming from Mindanao and then again... it's for FREE granted by Director Nick de Ocampo for all who made him impressed and overwhelmed about the filmmaking in Mindanao 'coz he never thought that there are still amateur people like us who would help spread the culture, religion and tradition in Mindanao through films. He knows the passion being an independent filmmaking and its not easy to be one. Thanks to him for we got the slots!

trying to manipulate the world

Me and coi accepted the offers but we still have worries coz we know that we have our responsibility in the office as usual and we'll be absent for one week straight because of this... and knowing that its not part of the office operation so we are doubtful about the approval from our line managers. Lucky we are as they are very much supportive to our achievements and Goals in life. They are just a text away and granted us the aprroval. We were like jumping in the middle of the Mall expresses the happiness and excitement for that! and so we need to move our flight back in davao on Dec.23, 2007. I was worried if there will be a delayed flight for that day and to think that its only one day before the christmas celebration. My God! I can't afford to celebrate christmas away from family. I was like hoping and praying that no more changes of flight schedule 'coz there might be a sudden changes anytime 'coz its a peak season for travels.

inside iMax Theatre

Enough for the worries... We maximized every single day of staying there. we went to the biggest mall, watched the iMax theature. DAMN! 'twas really² great! You should have watched iMAX theatre! we ate giant pizza at SBARRO... and avail the ride-all-you-can at carnibal. barhop at greenbelt, coffee at starbucks, window shopping, Live music at hardrock cafe, walk-trip at nighttime, restaurant hopping, quiapo, tagaytay, batangas, Laguna, cavite... Stroll with friends from La Salle, UP and Ateneo.

Sbarro, Mall of Asia

gLobal fun carnibal

I was like living in a luxurious life... forgot all the people behind... considering the last day on earth. But i never had any regrets among all those wasteful moment, the money i spent... for i know i can't find satisfaction in life but fulfillment. And that was the moment that made it all worth it!

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those were the days when we are still yet millionaires..