Thursday, September 4, 2008

See you @ WordCamp Philippines, Davao

Hey guys! see you later... for the Wordcamp Philippines @ Bryan's Grill & Cafe, Davao City.
I'm still here at the office struggling to finish all the stuff today. It's been a very busy week for me. A lot of things to be done. deadlines... deadlines... deadlines... very stressful!

Davao Mindanao Bloggers... I will be meeting you guys... See you later.




Miah Laborte said...

fun noh? wehehehehe... apil tah atong foodtrip fern... puslan man habhab king kah, wehehehe.. peace! joke lang bitaw...

Nessa said...

Hi Fern!

Came from SocialSpark. Drop me a visit if you can ya. Have a great week :)

Nash said...

oh they are selling t-shirt for this event right?

Jane Jane said...

Hello Fern, hope you don't mind, I tagged you. Please visit
for further information. :)

RONeiluke, RN said...

buti pa kayo nakakaatend sa mga ganyang functions... ahehehe!

WORD CAMP? pwede ba kahit 'blogger' ako? hmmm...

thanks for visiting :)

feRn said...

@ miah
Yeah! it was indeed, a very fun gathering... with all the free buffet at the pool side! hehehe and it taste great! WOW! sana me next time pa.. LOL!

@ Nessa
Yeah i've visited/dropped ec and comments to your four (4) blogsites. thanks again! :)

@ Nash
Yes Nash, they are selling word camp t-shirts and there even give aways for the first 20 person who came. twas indeed a great celebrataion! LOL!

@ Jane
It's ok Jane

@ Roneiluke
Hmmm.. i don't if pwde bloggers. Selected lang din ang dumalo coz it has limited slots bka magkulang ang buffet preparation. hehehe

RONeiluke, RN said...

ahhh... i see :)

sana may gantong convention din para sa 'bloggers' :)

thanks for visiting back, mate :)

feRn said...

@ Roneiluke
Sana nga... how i wish meron din talaga! at sana ang pinaka pangunahing bisita ay yung developer din ng blogger mismo... kasi that time i met the developer of wordpress Matt Mullenweg, and I was able to ask him personally regarding free templates and other higher versions of some open source codes from him! It was a previlege to have him here in davao. Sana sa Blogger din. hehehe

Rolly said...

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