Friday, May 8, 2009

TOP 10 - Part II

Hi guys… Just wanna say thanks to all the people who have spent their time saying their warmest birthday greetings to me. Hehehe T’was indeed a great moment reading all your messages for me. Here’s the Top 10 people with their names, time and place.

Kristle Parba 12:00am Toril, Davao
Ate tessay 12:30am Roxas, Davao
Ate Rachel 12:17am Matina, Davao
Tito Lito 12:25am CA, California
Miah Laborte 12:49am Matina, Davao
kathrine lotilla 05:04am Cotabato
Jessica Santos 06:00am Abu dhabi, UAE
Mamatte Orcullo 06:18am Bohol
cherry edison 07:55am BEAM, Davao
Dr. Ines Asuncion 08:22am BEAM, Davao

Thanks to my tito lito, who is the TOP 4 in my list. I got your package all the way from California exactly on my birthday. Hehehe! I really love your birthday gift. (I’ll post some photos soon) To my family, thanks for the cake, it’s my first time of blowing out a candle. LOL! To my mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for giving me birth. (another wonderful creation hehe).
To all, Daghang Salamat! :D

Another wonderful creation of God,
Mikko Saavedra was born today at 8pm.
Welcome to the world of wonders, cute baby Mikko.


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Fjordan Allego said...

belated Happy Birthday po pala!