Thursday, November 6, 2008

Talented International Filipino Writer!

Hi there, I’m back to blogging now. Quite busy but I just want to write a simple article recognizing my very good friend, a mentor and somewhat an adviser/consultant in terms of filmmaking here in Mindanao, Gutierrez "Teng" Mangansakan II. Being the first representative from the southern Philippine island of Mindanao in the University of Iowa International Writing Program.

Teng is an essayist, screenwriter, fiction writer, poet, photographer, filmmaker, journalist, heritage conservationist, relief worker, editor, blogger, and a Muslim gay.

Teng belongs to Moro royalty, in a family that can trace its genetic heritage back to the Prophet through the sharif who first brought Islam to Mindanao -- but in college he underwent both political and artistic awakenings. The artistic awakening happened through a film festival in Manila, where he was exposed to the work of artists including Truffaut, Fellini and Ozu. "That really opened my eyes," he says. "So I shifted to communications, read everything I could find about films, and started writing."

Back in my college years, with my colleagues coi, sheng, mona and Sharon, as the micromedia production based from Mindanao have decided to feature teng’s passion in filmmaking. From his experiences itself, we’ve learned a lot. As we had the normal conversation together with the group, having simple drinks at the MTS (Matina Town Square), til the time we got drunk. Hehehe and sometimes end up with a great conversation about film. Teng would really want to help those who are in need, he would even share all the techniques and impart what he could confer to the young interested filmmakers. Read More!

Ito lang masasabi ko.


P.S. Pasalubong ko from San Francisco don’t forget! hehehe


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