Saturday, May 8, 2010

TOP 10 - Part III

Saturday morning, I woke up and face the day with smile and thanks giving to the one who gave life to me. I have nothing in my pocket except for P20 (budget to reload for Alltext20) and nothing more. Friends has been texting me for some plans to go out. For party, treat, Hang out, celebration and so on and so forth. I kept saying, "Thanks, but No thanks. I'm super broke." I went out and bought some load, went back to the room and browsed the net and my phone. Received a lot of greetings and gratefully replied to them one by one.

I Wanna say thanks to all who greeted me on my birthday. There are friends and relatives who greeted me earlier than 12:00 midnight but then again I'm NOT going to consider it in my list. TOP 10 will be based from 12:00am-11:59pm of May 08, 2010.

Name Time Location

1. Ross Sevilla 12:04am Dona Vicenta
2. McRobert Nacario 1:22am Mintal, Davao
3. Andrea Kristine Lucas 1:36am Magallanes, Davao
4. Diane Roxanne Cajes 1:52am Bagiuo, Davao
5. Cherry Mae Edison 1:55am Dubai, UAE
6. Grace Plata 2:30am SIR, Matina
7. Henry Palmones 2:42am Malvar, Davao
8. Karl Denver Magbanua 4:53am Obrero, Davao
9. Geobert Adan Son 4:56am Boulevard, Davao
10. Jeanne Tay 5:07am China? hehe Davao

I thought i would spend my whole day within a four corner room doing nothing but facebook and texting. When all of a sudden everything has changed! :) My day ended up with great abundance through all the people around me. God made them as an instruments for His BLESSINGS towards me.

To all God's instruments who became the sponsors and donors, THaNks a Lot! :)

Delongtes Restaurants, for the yummy and tasty dinner with all the funny guests artists of the night. For the generous and wondrous hearts of Mr.& Mrs. Ang, in making my birthday a real "BURPday" plus all the stuff that I unexpectedly got from them. Unending thanks giving to the core group of my community who prayed a lot for me and celebrated with me during that night. For the nice road tRip and food tRipping at seawall 'til morning with my Micromedia Pipz, thaNks guys. For my beloved mom and family, whom I had a great Lunch meal in union with the Mother's Day Celebration t'was indeed a great meal with and for my mom. Hahaha! I never thought people would show their love and care on my special day.

God is really GOOD! :)

It's the first bday
of Mikko Saavedra.
HaPpy buRpday Mikko. :)

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