Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tell Your Story

I missed the lifestyle I had during my high school years with my friends. I used to wear my pair of khaki pants that suit to my high school school-uniform at Rizal Memorial Colleges. My classmates and friends wore the same pair of khaki pants and have our own style in color combination. And it makes us funnier every time we do the rolling and tumbling on the ground and it stained and blemished with dirt at the back part of it. Our being manic and naughty students does not mean we are not good students at all. It only means that we are enjoying the colorful and wonderful high school life. The unforgettable experience that I always reminisce. And I will never forget those moments that happens in my life!

Dockers contest

Do you have any unforgettable stories about your pants? Tell the world about your experience with your pants. It could be comedy, drama or action it doesn’t matter as long as it is your story. Dockers has its competition about TV Commercial Contest. In which allows entrants to make their own story. Film it and submit as video. You can do whatever you want to deliver. Express your concept and creativity. Let people see your style. Nothing will harm you. Join the Dockers contest Now!

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