Monday, May 5, 2008

Greetings For Me...

Life has done a lot of things to me… at this very young age of 22. Hmmm, I've done a lot of adventures, happiness, turbulence, difficulties, circumstances, troubles and even tsunami (WOW!) that’s a lot! hmmm… what else will be the next adventure? Ahhh it’s kinda Exhilarating. From the past few years , primary years, during high school years, college years and now in my present job where I’m currently working. It’s been a colorful life where I’ve encountered a lot of things that helps me stand and strive forward. Aiming for a better life in the future, not yet satisfied of what life has brought me. I’m still young and I still have enough time to try something else.

Generally, everybody has its own personal experiences, but I could say that mine became one of the best experiences ever, despite my financial instability. Struggling for something that challenged my ego. For now, its 3 days away from my birthday. Another year will be added to my age, damn! I’m getting older… hehehe! I am more challenged now, I have a lot of projects to be done, but the problem is… what project? Hmmm… I don’t know yet. I’m just disputing myself to do something fulfilling, before the year ends and as my age starts getting higher and higher. Hahaha! I’m just being excited for the next few days… I don’t know yet what will gonna happen to me, could be another storm? Could be another excitement, or another wish will come true? Or I might die soon… who knows? According to the grapevine, we must live life to the fullest. No one knows what lies ahead except for the person who owns everything!

Enough for this, all I wanted to say is that I wanna greet myself… “an advance happy birthday to me…” ‘til then… I’m becoming 23. Wooooohh!

I don't accept greetings
but cashgifts and packages
for a change (hahaha LöLz)...


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cathara said...

uuyy! schoolmate!:D i could have given you a package or cash but i read your blog too late for it, lol!

anyway, belated happy birthday. nobody really gets old so enjoy life to the fullest though learning is always a difficult process..

something fulfilling? take note and plan. if you cant write any, i think you just have to strive more for your current job 1st and enjoy it ;-)