Thursday, May 8, 2008


As I was preparing for my friend's wedding, I got a lot of text messages from friends saying birthday wishes and lucks for me. Nevertheless, I’m going to name the first 10 persons who greeted me today. Sorry, a lot of advance greetings received but those are not counted 'coz I’ll start it from 12midnight or from the first minute of my birthday. Here they are...

Name + Location + Time Received

Dr. Bob                     Cebu     12:01am
Bertulfo Davao 12:03am
Miah Laborte Macau
Monalyn Labado
Makati 12:07am
Sharon delos Santos Davao 12:08am
Mary Ann Salvador
Davao 12:12am
Haezel Anne Marie Elises Dubai 01:17am
Dannie Napala Hawaii 03:09am
Mary Fe Pasaquian Davao 07:00am
Genghis Khan Manero Kabacan 07:28am

I went to bed @ 2:00am and woke up @ 5:00am. Wöw! My möm was the first who greeted me in person, isn’t it inspiring? Hehehe! Nothing compares to an overwhelming and pleasurable greetings from the best, loving and caring möm in the world who gave birth to a cute guy, ahhemm! (advance happy mothers’ Day Ma!)…

And to all of you guyz! Maraming Salamat, you have just made my day!

Millions of
Thanks to you all!

By the way, thanks to all donors! hehehe... I got one big chocolate cake from tatay (Roger Lloyd Saunders - my boss!) nam nam namdelicioso!!! thanks thanks thanks!...


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Miah Laborte said...

Oi top 3? Hahaha.. Dpat top 2... Parehas man tym nyahaha.. J0ke.. H0pe u had a great tym during ur bday. Hapit nko uli ug Davao, pka0n ha kay wa ko ka.ad2 sa imu bday. Hahahaha..