Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Look!

When I was still in grade school, my dad used to cut my hair in his very own style of haircut. Most of the time cutting it to what I really hate to have. He likes cutting my hair like a military hair style. I can still remember when he asked my sister to call me from playing outside and positioned the hair cutting at the balcony of the house. That was the time where I never had my Victory Hair under my dad’s regime. That was during my grade school. Until I reached high school and then college, I was able to have my own hairstyle without my dad’s consent. My dad has given me the freedom to have my own hairstyle.

Whatever hairstyle I wanted to have. But then later on, as I have noticed my look in front of the mirror, tsk tsk tsk! it has a unique look towards others (weeew!)Ü LOL! Trying to have those Extreme Style by VO5 just to impress my crushes.

Talking about what others use to call, the forms of non-verbal flirting. Victory Hair really helps a lot. Try and join this Ultimate Flirting Championship to have some techniques of some Victory Hairstyles.

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iceah said...

Wow what a wedding you both had so sweet c: