Thursday, August 7, 2008

What's The Occasion?

I’m done preparing my stuff now. Black pants, belt, barong, black shoes, socks and white shirt plus handkerchief. You must be wondering about the occasion. Hehehe… we’ll, my two friends slash officemates, Earl and Flordy will take their vows today, as in today! eight eight eight (August 08, 2008) in a solemn and romantic haven of Loleng’s Mountain Spring Resort situated at Eden Bayabas, Toril, Davao City.

Just finished practicing the requested songs for me to play today hoping that stage fright will not going to attack me.(tsk tsk tsk) It’s already 12:00 midnight now and Ellain will fetch me around 7:30am later. So I must be ready before that time. Travel time will take us approximately 45 minutes from downtown area to get in the location. I am tasked to assist in technical aspects. Korg X5D keyboard will be my gadget today while I had this EOS CANON 300D with me courtesy of my boss, Mr. Roger Lloyd Saunders. I’ll be posting my masterpiece later (if there any LOL!). Watch out!Ü


Mico Lauron said...

kumanta ka fern?!

feRn said...

@ mico
nope... hindi ako kakanta... mag-instrumental music lang! hehehe