Just had a party with colleagues. Checked-in at the 26th/Floor with a 2bedroom Loft type(2-storey) fully furnished suites. Food and drinks around me, karaoke, chitchats and the fun. I didn't drink that much but sung a lot of songs. :D The party ended the next day and woke up with headaches not because of hang-over but lacked of sleep. I forgot it was already Sunday that I need to rush out and prepare to go earlier to attend for mass, September 18, 2011.

Headed right away to Sanctuario de San Antonio at Forbes Park, Mckinley. I was touched by the homily of the priest (sorry I forgot the name). Allow me to share some relevant reflection about the Gospel.

For God has been accused of sleeping on his job many times over. They say, he does not answer prayers right away. He delays. Why does he allow evil things to happen? In the parable of the workers who showed up early accuse God for being unfair, because he treats the early birds and the latecomers equally. He pays them the same amount of wages. Seemingly, he condones indiscipline and sluggishness, when everyone should be up on their toes.

The evangelist Matthew writes the parable to defend God. God is God and he has his way of doing things. He has his own measuring stick and a way of reckoning time. He does not follow the system of weights and measurements that existed in his time. Now we use the metric, or the English system, or the Greenwich mean time.

We, humans, work for food and survival. Our reward depends on how much time and energy we have invested in our work. Our salaries are deducted when we report late or absent. We are promoted to a higher paying position if we meet the standards, if we are efficient and produce the target margin. We can be kicked out of the job if we are not performing according to expectations.

But GOD has a mysterious way of dealing with us. His reward system depends on the generosity of his heart, not on our efforts or measuring devices no matter how sophisticated they are. He computes according to the abundance of his heart. He has an infinite supply of love.

The Gospel story reminds us not to impose our terms on GOD. We should not make him act like a human being, in fairness to him. Our total well-being is his top priority. He encourages those who have strayed away from him to return to him as soon as possible. He does not care whether we have ignored Him for so long now. He wants us to go back to Him. God does not discriminate against the late penitents, in fairness to them.

Indeed, God has been fair to us. He does not sleep. He is always on the lookout to welcome us who repent even at the last minute.

I was able to maximize my weekend vacation. Office Party plus Eucharistic celebration with inspiring homily. And In fairness, I had a great weekend! God is really good. :)

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