Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ces Oreña Drilon Abducted by Abu Sayyaf

A peace advocate and broadcast journalist Ces Oreña Drilon of ABS-CBN and her crew, have been reported missing and are believed to have been abducted in Sulu, the Mindanao Peoples Caucus (MPC) said in a statement. Reports gathered by MPC said they were reportedly abducted around 9 a.m. Monday somewhere between the towns of Kulasi and Maimbung.

Residents reportedly told Maimbung Mayor Najib Maldisa that Dinampo and Drilon's group were "blocked" by armed men, but members of the Tulong Lupah Sug (TLS), a Jolo-based non-government organization Dinampo also heads, said they have not yet concluded that the two were, indeed, kidnapped.

Earlier in the day, police and military personnel went to the residence of Dinampo to conduct preliminary inquiries about the alleged kidnapping, the MPC said.

MPC secretary-general, Lawyer Mary Ann Arnado, confirmed that Drilon and Dinampo “had been missing since Monday morning."

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Anonymous said...

this is the same person who condemned the government, the police and the AFP on her accusation of "overkill" during the peninsula seige hahahaha. They think that they are above the law and can cover everything whenever and wherever they want for the sake of freedom of the press. This is the same person who never listen to authorities because they thought that media people are above the law. I'm a taxpayer and I don't want to waste taxpayers money just to rescue filipinos who don't even follows the authority. These same media people are the numero uno to sensationalize everything just for the sake of TV rating to please their mother network.

Do I care if philippine media got abducted by the terrorist? HELL NO HAHAHAHA. They shouldn't allow themselves to be used for the propaganda of the terrorist.

Ask help to their mother network and not on the philippine government. Yan ang tinatawag na Law of Karma.