Monday, June 2, 2008

Dockers TV Commercial Contest

All of the creative types under one roof you are bound to get everything from jeans and t-shirts to glitter and tuxes. Now, you can start capturing your personal style through Dockers contest, creating your own TV commercial. Another competition that will put you on a pedestal for winning more prizes over the net. Show your style, show your fashion, as Brad Pitt expressed his very own fashion design and style. He is one of the various celebrities that no one can deny his style icon. He seems to emanate style and confidence, no matter what the occasion it is. Try to be one, and that could even split open all your lifestyle. With Dockers fun wears fashionable line of attack style to the public. You can create your trademark that would make them remember your splotch anywhere you go.


I remember, as I go back through my past experience with pair of pants Dockers during my high school years that get hold of our creative lifestyle. It made us even funnier for doing that kind of lifestyle. There are literally thousands of variations of fashion style—so how can you say which trademark is right for you? So start shooting now and say it’s all your style. Be recognized and acknowledged. Join Dockers contest Now!

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