Saturday, June 21, 2008


Dr. Bob, a friend from Cebu called me up at around 11pm last night informing that they are having a powerful tropical storm sweeping across their area. Going to the Philippine Sea and is expected to lash the eastern edge of the country. I received confirmation from Hermann, that Roosevelt, who is also a friend of mine, called him up describing the same scenario about the storm. Quickly, I called up Nae Ann, our former film director and a friend, who is also working in the same area, to check their situation there. Someone picked up and answered my call telling that she’s asleep despite the storm and to my surprised t’was her boyfriend. Ohh, it means that they’re quite okay there.

I rushed into latest news over the net about the storm (thanks to my reliable smart broadband connection.LOL!). Accordingly, the storm called Fengshen, was 180 kilometres east of the central island of Samar, moving north-west at 15 kilometres per hour. Fengshen has brought winds of 110 kilometres per hour, with gusts rising to 140 kilometres per hour.

In the next three days, the storm will pass along the eastern side of the central and northern Philippines. Previously, the heavy rains brought by the storm have caused minor flooding in parts of the country.

I got now the answers to my questions about the series of heavy rain and overflowing flood the entire city of Davao that causes casualties and damages to everyone.

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