Thursday, June 26, 2008

MILOW - Jonathan Vandenbroeck

This afternoon after office, I went to Landco tower to meet Maya, my half foreign, half pinay friend who is working at the 7th/F LGSPA office. She also worked as a part time host of “Viewfinder” at Davao's Best FM station 105.9 Mixfm, every sunday 8pm-9:30pm. I arrived at exactly 5:30pm. At first, we planned to meet at Basti’s Brew coffee shop to have wifi and do the blogging stuff tutorials. Anyway, I went to visit their office and we headed to the coffee shop together. And there, we ate a lot of Basti’s especials while chuckling on some unfamiliar commands through Maya’s Macbook which is different from windows notebook.

As we go over the net, and opened this schmaltzy and a very sentimental music video…

And man, guess what??? it’s maya’s cousin, her famous and a well-known cousin from Belgium, Jonathan Vandenbroeck. Well, I’ll tell you short story about this guy which I’ve learned from his cousin Maya Flaminda Javellana Vandenbroeck as we had our conversation.
Jonathan (yo-na-than) Vandenbroeck, a Belgian singer-songwriter Milow released his debut album, The Bigger Picture, in early 2006, few people had an idea what he was all about. Indeed, he had gained local notoriety two years prior when he became a finalist in the Rock Rally, a local battle of the bands, and his first single, “More Familiar,” had received some modest airplay from several Belgian national radio stations, but his appeal with critics and fans alike was just taking root.
Today, in his native country of Belgium, Milow is a household name. He has been rocketed to regional stardom, in part due to the success of his smash hit “You Don’t Know,” which reached number three in Belgium’s national singles chart and helped to sell over 13,500 copies of the album on which it originally appeared. Last year, Milow was presented with a TMF Award for Best New Artist, VRT Radio 2 ordained him the “Most Promising Newcomer of 2006”, and at the beginning of 2008, he won 3 Belgian Music Industry Awards (Best Music Video, Best Breakthrough, Best Song). It is not surprising that many are excited to find out what the future has in store for him.
I like most of his music compositions, as I’ve checked all the uploaded music video from youtube and scrutinized the background about this group. To my surprise, it is indeed, became my icon. I’ve learned that their parents are also from a very big family like 15 siblings as maya told me about it. Wow! It’s kinda BIG! They must be living in a very big house! I guess that’s where they got the band name MILOW. (wild guess) hehehe
We finished at around 9:30pm, we took a cab and went home...

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