Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunch Break

Lunch break with peaceful and reminiscing ambiance. While eating my lunch-packed from Jollibee, (thanks to Kuya Alfonso again!) I managed to browse my winamp player and loaded this album from Kevin Kern, a pianist, composer and a recording artist. Let me tell you a little story about this man. He was actually born in Detroit, began playing piano at the tender age of 18 months. Though legally blind since birth, his exceptional talent soon became clear. His earliest musical influence was jazz legend George Shearing, whom he met as a child. With George as a mentor, Kevin developed an early love of improvisation and an appreciation for the beautiful sound a piano could produce. In addition to Shearing’s contribution, he received an extensive classical education. From these experiences, Kevin developed his trademark sound where melodies exude lyricism, simplicity, and a directness that touches the heart of the listener.

Obviously, I had a great moment unwinding with those serene music. I guess my boss (Mr. Saunders) loves the music also…. LOL! It’s kinda gloomy but relaxing… it helps you feel cool and get your mood back (whenever infuriating idiot strikes you, hahaha). But believe me, I’m not into it, and hope will never be.

Actually, I love playing music the entire day here in the office while working, in any genre. Apparently, my boss and the rest of us loves to hear tuneful music while working. And so most of the time the four corner of the room hemmed in with cool, relaxing and harmonious music with all the good quality speaker on my side. LOL! In fairness, we produced quality and competitive output. Hehehe! Til then, Back to work now!

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