Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay Per Post

I got home too late today around 3:30am in the morning from having great time with friends barhopping. Then swiftly switched on my pc and checked my emails and offline messages from ym, then suddenly the message automatically prompted. I got this confirmation message from blog marketing notifying me that they have approved my blog site. WOW! I have been waiting for my blog to be approved by payperpost for a month already. I was tired of waiting for approval. In my mind they might have rejected my blogsite. I signed up last month, waited for more than a month. Alas! Now I can start my money making through payperpost.

Apparently, I can now earn extra cash through my blogging stuff with payperpost. By then, I could have my leisure time through earning from blog advertising webpage. I am pleased to have this opportunity and explore their marketplace.

The marketplace, a self-serve with easy application service. It allows advertisers to reach out the network of over 50,000 posties in the system. Posties are usually called as bloggers. In behalf of PayPerPost advertisers, the posties or bloggers will have to create review, promote and market products, services and websites and get paid. Now I am aiming for $20 as my first blog for Payperpost ads. Hope that I can make it. LOL! So you too could start your blog now and earn extra cash.

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