Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have always been thinking of how am I going to pay all my bills every time I receive the statement of account being delivered at home or sometimes in the office. Internet bill, Credit card debt, computer loan bill, prepaid load bill, personal bill and all the bills I have. A lot of things came into my mind, what if I have no job at all? What if I don’t have money to receive every 15th and 30th day of the month? What will gonna happen after not paying all of my bills every month? What will gonna happen if I lost my job soon? Damn! It’s really really hard to find money this time. Specially when it comes to monthly dues. Debt would still continue to mount and would really makes us more stressed and pressured thinking about it. Hahaha LOL! Admit it!

Based on my own experiences people would feel the same way. But then, as I was browsing the net and clicked my cursor over socialspark. I found a lot of opportunities that are really amazing in helping people who are struggling about money matters. Well, in terms of financial services and savings, Bills IQ will help you lessen all your bills and soon will set you free from debt.

They have Debt consolidation that would help you to Consolidate debt. Helps find trustworthy Debt relief professionals and evaluate your Debt help options.

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