Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hanging Garden

Unexpectedly, I was able to watch this film just last Saturday. At first I never had the interest to really watch it, all I want that time was to sleep inside the cinema since it’s open to the public (free admission) so decided to spend my whole Saturday there. Sleeping and snoring inside the cinema(hahaha! sssshhh!)… when all of a sudden a very loud sound effect thudded within the four corner of the room. That was really weird! The sound awakens my soul while sleeping in the dark. And I look over the walls and I saw screenshots that catches my attention. And then I started to follow what was the story all about.

It was actually about this simple family that seems to be very happy living together but on the inside the reality is different. Having their rule that no one would hide any secrets from each other and yet each member has their own secrets. This film is a character driven drama pertaining to the story of a family struggling to find the way to happiness. It is alternatively funny, really touching and in some places quite frightening. It is also an exploration of the problems that plague a modern Japanese family, giving us a unique view that can be appreciated by those both within and outside of the Japan’s culture.

Hanging Garden is one of the three Japanese Film featured during the Japanese Film Festival screened last Friday and Saturday @ GS Citimall, Ilustre here in Davao.

The film ended with realization that opens the eyes of the people. I was touched! Another learning… another chance…


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