Monday, July 21, 2008

Cisco Certification

As a computer Science graduate from a prestigious and International accredited School here in the Philippines. I took also Cisco Networking during my college years as part of our curriculum. And I never had any regrets in enrolling my course. Apparently, Cisco Networking has been generally the international language that connects the world. In my case, I have been thinking of continuing my course into another level. I want to enhance and advance my knowledge about the latest trends and technology. I have learned a lot of things in CISCO to which persuades me to proceed into higher level. I have never been using my knowledge in my current job for I have been focused on software implementation, like graphic illustration and designing. But I’m trying to sustain what I have learned as an IT professional. Research, hopping all over the net and explore to increase my knowledge about it. Troubleshooting my personal computer and helping friends in installing their routers and some other stuff in line with computers.

To nourish my knowledge with current trends, I tend to join and participate in exciting conversations about advancing career, and for me to discover a lot more about the future of networking technology. Improving my technical career through online classes would be my channel for sustainability. And so I am planning to have online review and take examination for Cisco certification for some opportunities awaits for me soon. Knowledge in Cisco Networking increases credibility for some opportunities especially in terms of technical and other technological reference.

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