Sunday, July 13, 2008


My scheduled saturday party night was cancelled. My pc shutted off unexpectedly at around 11pm where i was preparing a lot of things for my family and at the same time to take a shower and prepare for the party. I never thought that this things could happen. And its even not turning on again... So bad, I'm not yet finish. I have to finish it so badly. I texted all my colleagues that inevitable things happened... downshifted and disgusted. A friend texted me, "Where are you?, we're waiting... come now"... "Sorry, i can't make it for now, enjoy the party dude." I replied. I lied down to my bed and try to divert my attention. "I need to fix this soon..." I said to myself. worried!

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Hello, been here. hope you have a good day! Thank you so much for the comments! i really appreciate it!

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