Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tag for bored people!

1. First, let's start with your name:

- feRn

2. Okay, Age and Birthday?

- May 08, 1985

3. So, How are you feeling today?

- Tired, pressured!

4. And why is that?

- Hmmm… a lot of things to be done today

5. What's been going on so far today?

- i was pissed off for some reason but im good now

6. Any other plans for the rest of it?

- im gonna do my blogging stuff at home

7. What about tomorrow?

- hmmm shoping??? LOL!

8. Would you rather be sunburnt or pale?

- pale

9. Are you addicted to these surveys?

- haha a bit

10. Ever done anything illegal when you were a minor?

- Hmmmm… I think there’s no such thing as illegal for minors. DSWD will take care. Waaaaahh!

11. What was your dream last night?

- nothing

12. Are you listening to any music right now?

- nope

13. What's prettier? Sunrise or Sunset?

- both

14. Favorite TV show?

- My show?

15. Whatcha eatin'?

- Oat meals

16. Have you ever had any teeth pulled?

- oh yah

17. Dream Vacation?

- Rome, Paris

18. What's your favorite out of these three? Yellow, Blue, Purple?

- Blue

19. What words do you have trouble spelling?

- Schwazeneger??? I don’t know the right spelling… LOL!

20. What about pronouncing?

- Gestetner

21. What are your thoughts on Hannah Montana?

- funky

22. Do you still watch Disney Channel?

- sometimes

23. Last thing you ate? Drank?

- Oat Meals.. Milo…

24. Do you like your oreos with milk or alone?

- with milk

25. What day of the week is it?

- today is tuesday

26. Do you write in a diary?

- Online Diary called blogs

27. Are you enjoying your summer?

- Hmmm….Oh Yeah!

28. Is tomorrow going to be a good day for you?

- Everyday is a good day for me…

29. How many times have you used the bathroom today?

- 3 times

30. What was the last movie you watched?

- Linda³, Hanging Garden and We Shall (Japanese Films just last saturday)

31. Can you juggle?

- Of course

32. Turn your head to the left, whats the first thing you see?

- Water dispenser

33. Now to the right, what do you see?

- Two (2) widescreen monitor. 19in SAMSUNG and 19in LG.

34. Are you talking to anyone right now?

- Am alone now.

35. Is the remote close to you?

- Yup, centralized aircondition’s remote control

If you are bored! I'm tagging you now!....

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