Monday, April 14, 2008


One night, i was struck with boredom and i was like moving from one place to another. Tried to be entertained with something else... I was like roving around the corner... then I realized, it's better to check all my emails and blogs over the net. I ran towards my room and sat down in front of my pc. Clicked the browser and start exploring the net. Scanned all the folders and photos in my computer for me to cure the boredom...

All through the night, i happened to find things that recalls me in the past. I found some pictures during my college years. Reminiscing the moments that I was once a member of the Student Council staff... I kept some photos that reminds me all the pleasure and anxieties.

(Laugh... laugh... and laugh 'til stomach aches)

a simple pose with the fRiends

(Laugh... Laugh... laugh and laugh again)

Despite everything, still we found time to laugh. The moment that I will surely treasure for my entire life. I became dynamically active in some school clubs and activities (owws!!!Ü)... for I had to be one(hehehe)... and I have enjoyed a lot, really!


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exquisiteworld said...

Indeed, pictures of good memories..