Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Sunday

As usual, i woke up late again this morning, and when i checked out my mobile 17messages received. Read it one by one, attempted to reply for the first text message but prompted unable to send message. Damn! no load at all. I turned on my pc and reply through the net. Checked my offline messages and sat down the whole day.

Ayyi chatted with me in the afternoon and reminded me about the online guesting of the BEAM STAFF, Ian D'Arcy Walsh (Australian Project Director), Ma'am Rose of Access Component, Lani as the office and Communcation Manager and Mariel as Access Project Officer on the radio station MixFM 105.9 the so-called "Viewfinder" a program every sunday between 8pm-9:40 in the evening hosted by Mienmaya Flaminda, an English teacher in Ateneo de Davao, a graduate of Masters of Arts and a filmmaker too.

Prior to that, Me and Ayyi invited the team to have pizza trip at picobello before going to the station. We ordered four(4) big pizza in different flavor, coke in can and iced tea. Discussed about the coming Canadian Workshop we'll be attending this coming weekends of April. The usual trippings... photography... filmmking... business... and the etc. Finished the food then left. Thank you bankers!

Around 7pm we dropped by @ Alchemy Vission and Light or AVL the Davao Production House. Then we headed to the station and prepare for their guesting... me, sheng, shang and coi were at the lobby of Bastis Brew and supposed to have wifi connection and continue the blogging stuff but unfortunately no connection that time. While waiting for the time... introduce each other and chatted for a while 'til D'Arcy arrived and then the program started.

The topic conversation was good and the guests made it all... Time was too short for a kilometers of information to be discussed. Good thing was that, the public society especially the youth who are the most listener were able to know about the BEAM Project and augmented their knowledge on how to Improve the Quality Education specifically here in Mindanao. The program ended at exactly 9:40pm.

Went out from the station and ate dinner with the host in a chinese restaurant along ilustre, ordered dessert, wanton noodles and drinks while continuing the topic that has been discussed. Adjourned at 10:30 then go home.

Others went home, Others still wanted to hang out, even me and so we ordered coffee @ blugre. Listening reggae music at Taboan as we can hear it from the coffee shop. Browsed the net, checked the mails and update the blogs through the laptop 'til midnight. Involuntarily intake a breath and can no longer suppress a yawn so we decided to go home and rest. Have a Göödnight!

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