Friday, April 4, 2008

What is this...?

One moment in my life i have noticed myseLf this previous days that i have been pLayiNg this song many times... like a hundred times a day... the song that pierced my ears into deafness, deafness to bLindness. I asked myself why do i keep playiNg this song while its hurting me inside and its even making me feel so sad? and yet happy listening 'coz in everytime i play this song i remember one person in my life that makes me smile and yet making me sad... i'm haPpy 'coz it feels so different every time i think of it, Sad 'coz it went out into a lonely hearted fools allowing days to slip it away 'til giving in but still haPpy reminiscing with the song. Why is this hapPeNing to me? why do i feel this way... You must be annoyed when you hear me playing it again and again and again... the playlist containing more than one song with the same title... this is cRazy! this is foolishness.. this is stupidity... but still keep on playing it again and again and again... but how can i stop this? maybe when i got no battery in my mobile? or maybe when it's brownout? how can i stop playing this? how can i forget this longing if its the songs that makes me feel good, and even makes me feel better and yet making me sad? ano ito...?


jlyka said...

"iN eVeRyThInG tHeRe iS a sEaSoN"

.....nice topic!it touches me..honestly!!actually its not annoying to read about other's personality nor his/her experienced in life or what his/she's been through.its part of our life to expressed what really inside of that other people will understand and hopefully gives comfort or moral support. Life is full of suprises. either joy and hapiness,sadness and sorrow.
we can only find inner happiness and joy if we learned to forget and forgive.and admit the fact that in this world nothing is permanent!!!
we're the master of our life. its our choice what kind of life we want and desired to be.
but as of now,lets enjoy all the graces and blessings we have!
just dont forget the Lord the creator of all things.and be thankful for all the joy,blessings,trials and problems we might be encounter in the future.

thanks and God bless!!!

mae said...


very deep!