Monday, April 21, 2008


If there are instances that you need someone to talk to and there's no one available in time you needed it most. When you catch yourself like feeling all alone. Then, you rather put it all into writings... I have just realized that when it comes to writing, you could even articulate and alleviate all the anguish feelings within you. For in times of troubles and instability, people would really think in a pathetic way and treat themselves as a loser. Apparently, we should really have to be strong enough and conquer the poignant feeling. That might lead you into wretchedness… You’ll get lost!

If there are confusions and uncertainties, penetrate and cultivate for the reasons, harmonize and complement, you might discern the grounds until such time you'll be able to find solutions. It’s not really easy gripping stiff sentimental stuff like that.

If you catch yourself doing nothing and bored. Entertain yourself! Listen cool music on the radio or on your mobile/i-pod, watch entertaining movies on television/theatre. Stroll, go wherever you want, that might help you divert your attention. Do some stuff that would make you busy. Personally, as a dreamy and wistful dude, I’d rather spend time to unwind alone and hark back all the things happens from the past whether horrific, thorny nor wondrous experiences, despite sometimes I’m a manic and adventurous, I still confer flash for various incidents happens in my life. What duh! I’m becoming more emotional huh! LöL! ‘til here, got to go for dinner (pasmo ra ni!)… hahaha! just thought of posting what came into my mind…

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