Saturday, April 26, 2008

MIFC and Auraeus

Mindanao International Filmmakers' Circle welcomed the International award winning director Auraeus Solito with ascrumptious and luscious dinner at Ranchero's Grill when he arrived from manila last night. After a gloomy and ominous message from Auraeus containing the request to postpone the said FORUM because of stressful and exhausted travel from outside the country. It’s like a blast bomb fell unto us as we read the text message from Teng (head organizer). After all the advertisements and broadcasting for the publicity of the event, we got that message to postpone, damn! can you imagine...?

But altast, Auraeus made it all the way from manila, traveled and had dinner with us... I'll be posting photo later... 'til then, got to go for dinner again... with same people... hehehe! hmmmm.. nam nam nam, deliciouso!!!

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