Sunday, April 20, 2008

Constant Change!

Inevitably, sometimes certain thing has to be ended. It might be for some reasons, could be for some other opportunities to be given to others, or it could be for us to have time to explore some other things. For a tremendous growth and development, we need to be expanded and refined for it has been said that change is the only constant in life. Life really has a constant of change! Proven and really true. It might be unfair nor very iniquitous for some many others. But it always been fair enough to be unfair. People would really have to admit the fact that we are chosen to be where nor who we are, given the chance to make it even better. Considering life must really have to go on. It provides me the reasons to strive forward and value life’s simple things, for as far as I know, big things starts from a simple thing.

I have been worried for some other reasons but trying to consider as part of the things to be learned… things to be stumbled upon... and things to be the basis of a firm foundation to become a better essential person.


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